Latin Phrases

Latin Phrases

Antique versions of modern-day graffiti collected throughout Rome and placed outside 
of a local church inspired the Spiritus Graffiti line. 

The Santa Maria in Trastevere church is said to be perhaps the oldest in Rome and—
according to local folklore—built after oil miraculously erupted from the site.

Cut to modern day and tourists 
flood the charming piazza that was once home to junkies and literary ex-pats and visit the 
prominent church with its intricate mosaics covering the ceiling and walls. When visitors 
enter the regal doors they may notice the obscure plaques of nonsensical Latin phrases 
of rebellion or advertisement that had been chiseled by—I imagine—toga-wearing precursors to modern-day 
graffiti artists. The ancient Romans lived in walled off homes with few entryways. The residents used to hire 
graffiti artists to paint sociological and political messages on these walls for passersby to read.

I always loved theses plaques and knew I wanted to incorporate their shape, lettering and spirit into Jewelry. The line includes hand-hammered nameplates, classic Latin phrases and a few actual recreations of the graffiti found in Rome. They are meant to remind the wearer that some ideas live long lives.

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