Original Travel tarot card and derivative pendant

The Gypsy Tarot Cards were created from what I found in the Budapest flea market that teamed with time passed and antiques to mark it. I always wanted to rework a deck of tarot cards as I have a penchant for getting my fortune told. I walked into this particular market thinking how this was the day, this was the market... more

Indian Elephant Henna Stamp  Pendant

On one of Udaipur, India' s cow-laden streets a market offered an assortment of wooden henna tattoo stamps.  Henna art form-- also called Mendhi-- has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa and the Middle East to decorate the body with sacred symbols of culture and mysticism. These images have been transformed... more

Italian Prayer Cards

Santini, or little holy pictures, are one of the most important and endearing traditions of Catholic iconography. These cards are often carried for protection, given as remembrances at communions, confirmations and funerals and are meant to present a visual biography of the saint's life. Different saints have different... more

Tibet Key

China has engulfed most of Lhasa with wide streets, gigantic Chinese characters to dwarf the Tibetan predecessors, and armed soldiers are dispersed throughout the city to maintain the "peace." Tibetan Buddhist temples still remain with enormous volumes of hand-written holy texts that seem to contain the secrets to the... more

Latin Phrases

Antique versions of modern-day graffiti collected throughout Rome and placed outside of a local church inspired the Spiritus Graffiti line. The Santa Maria in Trastevere church is said to be perhaps the oldest in Rome. According to local folklore, it was built after oil miraculously erupted from the site. Cut to modern... more