Hungarian Gypsy Card Pendants

Original Travel tarot card and derivative pendant Wax sculpting of window frame Tarot Card on Model

The Gypsy Tarot Cards were created from what I found in the Budapest flea market that teamed with time passed and antiques to mark it. I always wanted to rework a deck of tarot cards as I have a penchant for getting my fortune told. I walked into this particular market thinking how this was the day, this was the market and this was the time to find the deck. At the end of the day, I spotted a pile of cards, face down, at the bottom of a glass display case filled with unidentifiable household elements left over from buildings probably no longer in existence. I asked to see them, knowing what they were even before they were flipped over revealing tattered prescient images. They may be my most beloved find to date. I sculpted the shape of the frame to resemble some of the architecture I found throughout the city of Budapest, but, by coincidence, ended up looking just like the door on the "Loyalty" card in the deck.