My Store, My Runaway Imagination

Arcade store before floor Arcade store floor with paint and stencil Arcade store floor with paint and stencil and Aggie and Dust

Maybe I have had too much time to think about it, but my store slated to open in the Providence Arcade has become a customized reflection of wandering thoughts and hours on Pinterest.

It’s not entirely complete yet, but I thought I would post some of the fun details in a series of blogs (all at once would bore even the most avid DIYers).

First came the floor.  I saw something on Pinterest that I loved and decided “I want that.” This “I want that” (to be said like Veruca Salt) turned out to be much more difficult and pricy than I imagined a painted cement floor could possibly be. What’s the big deal? I thought. I planned to take a hand sander to the floor and roll some paint over it. 

Apparently I am not qualified. Professionals had to put a micro-layer of cement down and then properly smooth the surface (not with a piece of sandpaper).

Then I just had to have this particular graphite color from Annie Sloan’s very specialized chalk paint collection. Of course the only retailer I could find is in Bristol, 30 minutes away - a long way for Rhode Islander’s to drive. But I couldn’t just leave it at that. I fixated on painting a stencil on the floor made from lace I had collected in Rome. So, I sent a PDF image of the lace to a stencil company and they sent back a blown-up plastic cut-out of the pattern that has made its way into just about everything I do.

The work went like this: Paint, paint, lacquer, lacquer, stencil, lacquer. The whole process took about two months to plan and five days to accomplish.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s just as I imagined when I should have been emptying my mind at the end of yoga. Really, my entire store was planned in Shavasana.