Lost Wax and Found Jewelry Classes

Almost a decade ago I took a very casual lost wax jewelry making class in the bottom of a church in Rome. It was very rudimentary and the first time I had ever heard of the process which transforms wax into metal through an ingenious and ancient technique. It was, of course, also in Italian, which is probably why I thought it was called  “lost” because it was considered a lost art from. Not so. True that the process dates back to 3500 BCE, but the wax is "persa" because it burns out in the process. Much more logical. 

There are only a few things I can point to that I can say changed my life. I had never taken any kind of art class and never, ever considered myself creative or artistic in this way before I attended that class in a dank, medieval cellar only a handful of times.

Learning how to make jewelry from wax allowed me to start down a path I would never have noticed. 

Now, I don’t expect the heavens to open up and for all to be revealed, but the lost wax process is special, and anyone can create jewelry from it, artsy or not.

 I am not sure exactly how I am going to schedule these, but I am offering a day of classes at first, and then I will announce more as we go along. Just check back at the events page to get updates or my facebook page. If you would like to gather four people I can schedule the class around you. Just email me: Jessica@JLRiccillc.com.

Introductory Class: February 26, 9-10 am and another class 5:30-6:30pm at my store, Jessica Ricci Jewelry, in the Arcade Providence, 65 Weybosset Street, Providence. Email me at Jessica@JLRiccillc.com to sign up. 

You will learn the basics of lost was jewelry making and create a single pendant. The wax piece you make will be brought to a caster in Rhode Island and cast into a metal of your choice.  It will then be put on a chain and plated in gold or rhodium. The classes are limited to four people. The cost is $30 an hour per person and that includes materials.

Not included is the cost of the piece. You can choose what metal you want:

A pendant on a chain in brass with a gold or rhodium plate $20

Silver pendant on a chain: $60

I hope you can try this out. I will probably also have wine...