From Italy to Israel, How to Build a Story

Italian coins, Belgian button, Israeli artifact necklace Brussels Flea Market View in Israel Church in Puglia Italy

Although the original owners of these artifacts will never meet, they have found some common ground on this necklace. 

The Italians who used these coins were probably late to dinner more than once as they hurried through cobbled-stoned streets. One of those coins made its way to a flea market in Puglia, Italy and into my hands on a hot summer day.

The Belgian button, collected for its Lion image, once nestled close to a European pulse of a man who probably wrote letters and polished his shoes.

In Israel I spoke to a vender in an antique store who sat among thousands of years of artifacts from around the world; parts of lives that have come and gone and found their resting place in a side street of Jaffa. One of them caught my eye with its interesting designs and obvious place as a piece of something larger. 

I'll never know the experiences surrounding these objects, but it is the story I give them that makes the connection.

What's your story?

Build your own necklace and see what you can come up with. 




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