Follow Me To Thailand, Answer Trivia Questions and Win a Buddha Necklace

Buddha Necklace

I am preparing for my next market run to remake what I find into what I do. This time the destination is Thailand and I have decided to incorporate all the aspects, activities and experiences I love: Markets, food, volunteer work with orphans, yoga, mediation and gemstones.  Not all at once, but hopefully throughout my two weeks that will take me from Phuket, to Chiang Mai and then to Bangkok.

I plan to post tweets about the markets and other parts of the travel, but first I need an audience.

I thought it would be a fun opportunity to create a trivia game to reach twitter followers, as one does in 2012. 

Here is how it’s going to go. The person who re-tweets and answers the most trivia questions about Thaland will win my Buddha Necklace.

Follow me at #Jesriccijewelry

Good Luck!